Do You Wonder Why WhatsApp is so Popular Here is the Answer

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Many people still curious about how WhatsApp became so popular in the mere few years and now became the most widely used communication Smartphone app too, the answer is simple because – it provides contact with entertainment proficiency. To be precise this Facebook owned Smartphone app has just reached the milestone of having whooping 900 million, active monthly users. Moreover, it contains over 800 million registered users in April 2015 but now, in a few months time have managed to persuade 100 million more to its platform – and still growing with every passing day.

The above-cited stats shows that how much Smartphone users having Android, iOS and Windows operated phones just love to utilize WhatsApp. This app not only allows to instantly make contact with any other users but also offers many other utility features which make communication lot more interesting for its users. Not to forget the recently added obligatory feature of free voice calling for its users, this feature was one of the most demanded one by millions of users – that has finally been provided for all its users. The addition of this voice calling knack also off late ever since its inception has persuaded countless Smartphone users – to get registered to WhatsApp.

Not to forget the status message feature that has got recognition bit late, nevertheless is now being actively used by millions of WhatsApp users. This simple yet influential feature lets users put out their mood in front of all its profile visitors. Now there is several category status messages are available online for users to utilize and post them on to their profile.

Furthermore, the most loved feature that has made WhatsApp where it is now, the file sharing feature. As, WhatsApp allows its users to send and receive images, videos, audios, and any other supported files, which users just be keen on sharing with each other. For the reason that this permits them to exchange various types of multimedia content with people, they want instantly upon a single click.

As we have elaborated some of the facts that why 900 million active users who exchange, millions of instant messages, voice messages, images and videos with each other every day. Moreover, with the last update and furnishing some needed bug fixes and features WhatsApp’s penetration is only going to hike more.

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