Hairstyles for Short Hair – 7 Ideas to Pick from

Hairstyles for Short Hair

How to style short hair? Well, both short and long hair have their own attraction and it depends on your choice and also on fashion. In the current time, the short hair is most popular among the fashion icons, models and actresses. The short-length hair gives you a more stylish and classy look our hair …

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Best Makeup Brands 2019 in Pakistan – List of 10

Best Makeup Brands 2019 in Pakistan

In today’s time, you do not feel complete without makeup. Am I right? Makeup has become a very important and crucial element in the lives of girls and women. It is not limited to functions or wedding now. You are going to university, office, at the house of any relative or friend; you will definitely …

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Capital Smart City Islamabad Location Map – Payment plan -Details

Capital Smart City Islamabad Location Map - Payment plan -Details

With the rapidly growing of population, Capital Smart City project considered as one of the most echo friendly, both in residential and commercial zone. Capital Smart City is located on the admirable location of M2 motorway and closely connected to the way that leads you towards CPEC landmark project. Due to having worldwide dream essentials, …

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Mobile Apps That Can Help You During Umrah

Everyone has a wish to see the house of ALLAH (SWT )to perform Umrah and Hajj. The people who have visit very first time do not know how to perform Umrah and also face some difficulties during travel. Hajj is a ritual journey to Makkah and considered the fifth essential pillar in Islam. For those …

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Nikon Camera’s – Should we buy?

We are living in the age where everything has turned in to digital and without digitization, we feel like we have nothing in life. Digital products have made us their addicts and there is no limit of this addiction. Whether in form of digital audio or digital photography, we are in love with both. Majority …

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Do You Wonder Why WhatsApp is so Popular Here is the Answer

Many people still curious about how WhatsApp became so popular in the mere few years and now became the most widely used communication Smartphone app too, the answer is simple because – it provides contact with entertainment proficiency. To be precise this Facebook owned Smartphone app has just reached the milestone of having whooping 900 …

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