Third tea price hike in 18 months affects tea lovers in Rawalpindi

Tea lovers in Rawalpindi are feeling the pinch as the cost of a cup of tea has been raised for the third time in the last 18 months. The latest increase brings the price from Rs50 to Rs60, which has forced many people, particularly traders and office employees, to stop taking tea or offer it to their visitors.

The first increase in the cost of a cup of tea was in the last months of 2021 when the cost was raised from Rs30 to Rs40. The second raise from Rs40 to Rs50 took place in the mid of 2022 and the latest increase came about just after Eidul Fitr.

Tea sellers at small tea selling kiosks have claimed that they were justified in increasing the price of a cup of tea owing to the increase in the prices of sugar, gas cylinders, tea, and milk.

Now a cup of tea costs Rs60 in several cafeterias, kiosks, and restaurants, where price lists for tea, special tea, qehwa, and other food items have been printed for customers’ awareness and to avoid anger over the price increase. While the cost of a cup of tea (doodh patti) was increased to Rs70.

The increase in the price of a cup of tea has had an impact on the business community as well as on people working in offices. Some people have even given up taking tea or have started preparing tea by themselves to control their expenses.

Tea sellers are concerned about the situation as their earnings have been badly affected, and they cannot meet their daily life expenses. They are calling for a check on the price increase by the authorities.

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