Mobile Apps That Can Help You During Umrah

Everyone has a wish to see the house of ALLAH (SWT )to perform Umrah and Hajj. The people who have visit very first time do not know how to perform Umrah and also face some difficulties during travel. Hajj is a ritual journey to Makkah and considered the fifth essential pillar in Islam. For those people there are some useful smartphone apps that can help to learn how they can perform Umrah in a correct way. Here we discuss some apps that can help you in performing Umrah.

 Quran Companion

Umrah Overview App

Quran Companion is the best App for memorization with features, specifications that focus on memorization techniques and gamification. It is the best way to learn and teach Quran from this app. you can learn many things from the app. You have the chance to put your hands on the Ka’aba or the Black Stone and make dua. But you fumble with your book or phone to search the duas you want to recite. Before you know it, you’ve lost the priceless chance. Some moments are just too special and you do not want to miss the chance. For this purpose, you can use this app, all duas and full Quran Pak are available in it, start download this app and listen to Quran e Pak.

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Dua in Quran

This application is for when you want to make lots and lots of dua. Many people suggest to write down your duas so you don’t forget them when you’re there. For this purpose, now you do not need to save duas because through Dua in Quran by Badr Interactive app you can listen and learn all duas and you will never miss the opportunity. Dua in Quran is a convenient go-to app for an easy and quick reference to these powerful duas. If you are on the special for some minutes only just play duas and you feel like that you are connected with ALLAH SWT.

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Uber App for Makkah and Madina

When you are performing Umrah and you want to spend more time in the Mosque. You need to travel from hotel to mosque and mosque to hotel, or from Madina to Makkah and from Makkah to Madina in Saudi Arabia. Great news for all Muslims Uber service is now available in Madina Munawra and Makkah Mukarma. If you want to go anywhere from your hotel or from home just download the app on your smartphone and enter your location and send the request to Uber.

Your ride will come in few minutes, you can see your way through google map and Uber is a secure and fast way to reach your destination even if you are alone. But if you’re having Pakistani Umrah services, they might include travel service in your package too so you do not need to use this app, rather you can use Google Maps. You do not need to argue with the taxi driver for fare price or call to the reception earlier to get a taxi for you. Just send the request to Uber and fair price will be shown on your phone.

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If you are worried about the taxi driver, full bio data will be shown on your screen, Name of the driver, license plate number, His picture and what people rating to him and people reviews. You can see who will come to pick you and even after that you can contact with your driver if left something behind in his cab.

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