Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme Lahore Payment Plan, Location and More

Undoubtedly, everyone dreams of living in a modern locality where all the luxuries and facilities are present. Everyone tries to raise his standard of living so that he could give a better future to the next generation. We know you also think the same. You also want to live in a modern society where you could enjoy the luxuries of life. Shadman Enclave helps transform your dream into reality and brings a very affordable offer for you. Shadman Enclave is a place where you can get all the facilities and luxuries you could imagine in dreams.

Shadman Enclave Housing Society

Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme Location

The prime location of Shadman Enclave Housing Society makes it close to the investors’ heart. This modern housing society is located quite at hand to Faizpur Interchange on Main Sharaqpur Road. As you know that the city is expanding rapidly and within a few years, society will be in the main regions of Lahore city. All the important areas of Lahore are quite at hand from Shadman Enclave. Even the Mall Road Lahore is located only 12 minutes drive from society.

Shadman Enclave Offers a Dream Home

Reasons to Invest in Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme

There are many reasons to invest in Shadman Enclave Housing Schemes. One of the major reasons is that it offers affordable rates of residential plots for the customers. As compared to any other housing society, Shadman Enclave brings very convenient payment plans and prices for residential plots for the individuals and investors. Another main reason to select Shadman Enclave for your dream home is that Tehsil Municipal Authority, Sheikhupura has approved it. So, there is nothing illegal, and your money is safe and secure while you invest in Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme.

When you select a location to build your dream home, you are concerned about the presence of the basic utilities and the state-of-the-art facilities in the surroundings. Let’s have a glimpse of the utilities and facilities Shadman Enclave provides you while you live here.

Basic Utilities

All basic utilities are present in society. You will enjoy a cluttering free atmosphere here. The power supply system, sewerage, Sui gas, and water supply systems are underground. So, there is no concept of a power failure if a natural disaster like storm or rain occurs. Not enough! Well, society ensures pure and clean water supply to your homes as Shadman Enclave has its own Water Filter plan. 


Security is a major concern of everyone who moves from one place to a newer place. Of course, only a gated community is not enough to ensure security. Shadman Enclave provides you with the latest security system to ensure foolproof security. The CCTV cameras cover every corner of the society to keep your place secure from theft, robbery and other serious crimes

Health Facilities

A community is incomplete without a hospital. Shadman Enclave brings a modern hospital for the residents where high-quality medical treatment is provided. All modern surgical and medical technologies are present in the hospital. The experienced surgical and medical professionals are here to serve you. The renowned practitioners are here to diagnose your diseases by using state-of-the-art medical technology.

Educational Facilities

Your kids’ education is another main concern you will think before moving to another place. Shadman Enclave promises your kids’ education in a better way while you move here. It comes with separate primary and high schools for boys and girls. Campus of a top ranking university is also present here. So, the study of your children from school to the university will never stop while you move here.


Without parks, no modern society is complete. Shadman Enclave ensures the presence of many parks in society. There are different parks in every block and a central park in it. The lush green parks enhance the surrounding beauty and make the environment healthier to live in. The greenery all around you provides you and your family fresh and pollution-free atmosphere. The parks come with the jogging tracks, play area for kids and sitting area where you could enjoy the company of beautiful and serene nature.


A beautiful grand Jamia mosque and some sector mosques are an integral part of Shadman Enclave. The Jamia Mosque has a lovely interior and exterior design. It is spacious enough for religious gatherings on Juma prayer and Eid prayers, etc.

Commercial Areas

Shadman Enclave comes with various commercial areas and a central commercial area. The vast commercial areas come with 100 ft, 140 ft and 160 ft wide Main Boulevards. The commercial plazas, shopping malls, cinema halls, gymnasium, grocery markets, retailer shops, and wholesale market are a vital part of commercial areas of Shadman Enclave.

 The network of wide roads connects all parts of society. The main roads come with 80 ft width, and the sector roads come with 30 ft and 40 ft widths.

Community Center

Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme has a vast and modern community center for the residents where they can find a lot of facilities and services.

Overall View

In short, Shadman Enclave comes with all of the state-of-the-art luxuries you could imagine only in dreams. Extensive carpeted roads connecting all parts of the community, commercial plazas, grocery store, beauty salons, gyms, and separate schools for girls and boys, hospital and all other facilities are present.

Payment Plan for Residential Plots

You can buy your dream home at a very affordable rate. Currently, Shadman Enclave has released the revised rates for residential plots. It has introduced two types of payment plans for the customers. The society offers 5 Marla and 3.55 Marla residential plots. Shadman Enclave Housing introduces a very easy and applicable payment plan for the people with less power of affordability.  Initially, you pay only 15% down payment as advanced. So, your dream home can be in your possession within three/five years. Here is the detail regarding the payment plan for residential plots.

Terms and Conditions

If you want to get a corner/park facing plot, or a plot on the main road, you need to pay 10% extra charges for it.

On full payment in cash, you will get 10% discount on it.

5-Year Payment Plan

Plot Size Down Payment Confirmation Monthly Installment Balloting Possession Fees Total Cost of Plots
3.55 Marla 1,80,000/- 1,20,000/- 8500 x 60 1,95,000/- 1,95,000/- 12,00,000/-
5 Marla 2,40,000/- 1,60,000/- 12000 x 60 2,40,000/- 2,40,000/- 16,00,000/-

3-Year Payment Plan

Plot Size Down Payment Confirmation Monthly Installment Balloting Possession Fees Total Cost of Plots
3.55 Marla 2,40,000/- 1,60,000/- 12500 x 36 3,50,000/- 4,00,000/- 16,00,000/-
5 Marla 3,30,000/- 2,20,000/- 17000 x 36 6,00,000/- 4,38,000/- 22,00,000/-

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