Centre-Punjab Collaborate for Historic Ramazan Relief Package: Subsidised Fuel and Free Flour for the Poor

In a bid to ease the impact of inflation on lower and middle-class citizens, the Pakistani Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, has announced a relief package ahead of Ramadan. During a high-level meeting held in Islamabad, Sharif stated that the government would distribute free wheat flour to one million residents of the federal capital. The government plans to use modern technology to ensure transparency in the distribution of the flour, which will also be extended to outskirts of the capital. The Prime Minister also directed the relevant authorities to provide subsidised petrol to motorcycle and rickshaw owners. The measures are aimed at reducing the hardships faced by low and middle-income groups against inflation. Additionally, the Prime Minister has approved an Rs8,500 support price for cotton to support farmers, as cotton is the backbone of the country’s textile sector. In another development, the Punjab government announced a Ramazan relief package that would provide free flour bags to families earning less than Rs60,000. This decision will benefit approximately 1.58 crore families and 10 crore individuals in the province, with 90% of Punjab’s population benefiting from the package. The free flour will be distributed through specific grocery stores, trucking points, and utility stores. The distribution of free wheat flour will begin on the 25th of Sha’ban and continue until the 25th of Ramadan.

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